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Local Authority Planning Permission

There is one thing to consider when choosing to add a conservatory to your home and thatís the issue of Planning Permission.

Below are some guidelines to help you but in all instances we recommend that you take advice from your local planning department before ordering.  (These guidelines are for England and Wales only as the laws in Scotland and Ireland are different).

Planning Permission

In England and Wales you should not normally need planning permission if you do not exceed the permitted development limit for your property - which is usually 30m2.

It must be remembered though that if your property is a listed building, in a conservation area or if your propertyís development rights have been withdrawn you will need permission. Also if you have already extended your property you may have used up all or some of your permitted development limit.

We have to emphasise that if you have any doubt then check with your local authority.

Building Regulations

For a conservatory to be exempted under building regulations if must be on a residential property and be under 30m2.  It must also meet the following criteria:

The floor area must be under 30m2.

The extension must be at ground level.

The walls must be substantially glazed - it must have at least half of the wall area formed from windows.

The roof must be either completely transparent or translucent and at least three quarters of the area of the roof should be formed of glazing, polycarbonate sheet or similar translucent material.

The extension must be permanently separated from the rest of the property by a dividing door.

Any heating in the extension must be controllable - fixed radiators or heaters need to have their own separate temperature and on/off controls.

As with windows and doors the glazing must satisfy the requirements of building regulations part N, schedule 1 (toughened/safety glass).

The extension must not contain any drainage facilities - sinks, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

If any of these are not met then approval/permission must be sought before work can commence.  Again we advise that you check with your local authority for more specific advice first.


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