Our Extensive Glass Range Includes:

Sheet Glass -
Cut to order, while you wait (including laminated/wired safety glass).
Toughened Glass - to order in 2-3 days for straight cut / lightly processed glass (see below).
Double Glazed Sealed Units - available usually in 1-2 days from order.
Mirrors - plain cut, polished or bevelled, square or shaped.  Holes drilled for fixings or fittings.
Kitchen Splashbacks - in clear or coloured, with or without holes.
Shower Screens - we can also supply hinges and other fittings.
Furniture Glass - for table tops, worktop savers, cabinet doors, walls and shelves, picture frames, clocks and more.

We can also order specialist glass for flooring and other applications from the Pilkington range.


Most of the glass we supply is priced based on the area of the cut piece.
Greenhouse glass - A standard size (2ft x 2ft, 610mm x 610mm) is £6.25 though cut sizes are available and priced individually.
Handmade (P1) glass is approximately £140 per square metre + vat.

Cut Glass

We only supply high quality Pilkington sheet glass, our while-you-wait service is available for horticultural (greenhouse) glass, picture frame glass, standard float glass, patterned and laminated glass (subject to stock) while toughened glass is available to order (typical delivery time for standard straight-edged 4mm clear toughened glass is a minimum of 2 working days - depending on time of order. Shaped and processed glass, and other sizes can take longer).

The glass we stock is suitable for a wide range of applications beyond windows and doors; we have glass for picture frames, greenhouses, cabinet doors and so on, and can order toughened glass for use in tables, shelving and similar applications.  If you’re not sure if we can fulfil your needs, just ask us - we’re more than happy to advise you.

We stock the full range of Pilkington flat glass including all patterns, K-glass™, and Activ™ self-cleaning glass and can advise on the correct usage and installation of all types. Specialist glass (including shapes and curved panes) can be supplied to order - all you need supply are measurements and templates.

As well as this we stock glazing accessories including putty, tools and cleaning materials.

Please note: as toughened glass cannot be worked or cut once it has been produced please ensure that you check sizes, templates and positions of holes carefully before ordering.

Sealed Units

We also manufacture and supply sealed units, just specify sizes, glass type and thickness, bar size and colour (silver, gold or bronze) and any options such as warm-edge Super-Spacer or argon filling which help to improve energy efficiency even further.

Delivery & Installation Services

For cut glass, mirrors, splashbacks and sealed units we can offer both a delivery service and installation if you require.

Safety Glass

Please see our building regulations page for guidelines on the requirements for the locations where safety glass must be used.

Pilkington™ Glass

Our Glass Range Includes:

2mm Picture Frame
2mm Galleria (non-reflective glass)
3mm Horticultural
Clear Float
K-glass™ (sealed units)
Wired Rough Cast
Wired Glass
Handmade (to order)
Fire Resistant Glass
Silvered (Mirror)

Our Finishing Services include:

Shaping to Template

We also stock butyl tapes, glazing tapes, silicones, mirror adhesive, plastic trims and architrave, linseed oil putty and butyl compounds.

Pilkington Activ™ Glass

Sheet Glass, Mirrors & Sealed Units

Double glazed sealed units
Glass plaque
Picture frame
Glass table top
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